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 tyle album from before this July, and you’ll see VLONE every 
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Сообщение tyle album from before this July, and you’ll see VLONE every
Just page through any street style album from before this July, and you’ll see VLONE everywhere. For a brand that launched in March Nike Air Max 2016 Mujer 2014, A$AP Bari’s streetwear imprint had achieved nothing short of triumph. A Nike collab within Nike Air Max 95 Homme three years; a Paris Fashion Week show in June. Nothing, it would seem, could stop VLONE.Then, the video surfaced.On July 14, 2017, a video showing an alleged sexual assault by VLONE Adidas NMD founder A$AP Bari caused the brand to collapse almost overnight. Fans turned their backs overnight, and before the end of the month, Nike officially cut all ties. VLONE—the buzz-driven streetwear line whose meteoric rise had included a Parisian runway just weeks before—was alone once again. Toward the end of November, TMZ also reported that the alleged victim was pressing charges against Bari.When most think “adidas innovation,” the magic stops above the ankle. However, with the launch of the AM4 running shoe this October, the Three Stripes took a quantum Nike Air Odyssey Womens leap towards the future of shoemaking itself. The AM4—a Boost-soled training shoe—is the first major Adidas ZX 700 Femme project from adidas’s Germany-based “Speedfactory,” an all-autonomous production facility unveiled to the public in May 2016.

The AM4 is unique in the breath and depth of its customization. Because of the Speedfactory’s focus on small-batch additive manufacturing (as seen in its Futurecraft prototypes), shoes made there can theoretically feature significant changes made further along the development cycle. On the AM4, this translates to six city-specific editions tailored to the unique needs of runners in London, Tokyo, New York, and others. We, for one, welcome our new Speedfactory overlords.Japanese luxury shoemaker Hender Scheme launched in 2010 with a collection of boots and bluchers, but it would take just one season to Nike Air Force 1 Womens introduce the high-end sneaker homages (“Manual Industrial Products”) for which they’re known. Their second Nike Air Max 2017 Womens sneaker: the MIP-02, a hand-stitched low-top basketball shoe featuring raised leather ridges on top of a defined toe cap. It was an ultra-luxe knock for an adidas Superstar, except, of course, for the removal of those three lateral stripes.Hender Scheme would go on to introduce other homage shoes (including the Micropacer-inspired MIP-09), yet perhaps due to both the small sales volume and inherent respect they represented, the company was never sued by any major sneaker brands. In fact, this past August, adidas granted the ultimate compliment: a Hender Scheme x adidas sneaker collab, which saw official Three Stripes branding hit Hender Scheme sneakers for the very first time. Don’t worry, exclusivity-conscious MIP owners—although Nike Air Huarache Dámské this was indeed a Gucci x Dapper Dan-style legitimizing of one of the shoe game’s true artisans, the collab Adidas Superstar Dámské černé shoes are still prohibitively expensive.

The accelerating adidas resurgence has made headlines for a while, but this September, the Three Stripes officially jumped over Jumpman. In the US market, at least.While Nike’s combined sales across major units still make it the best-selling global sneaker brand by a wide margin, adidas’ undeniable momentum in the Swoosh’s home market has affected its competitor’s strategy and stock price alike. With a World Cup year just over the horizon, the stage appear sets for a 2018 title fight. Who ya got?Unfortunately, not everything out of Herzogenaurach contained such cheerful news. As of this August, the adidas x Rick Owens collaborative collection will cease production, citing the legendary Adidas Superstar Womens Black designer’s switch to American heritage brand Hood Rubber as motive. The adidas x Rick Owens FW17 will be Nike Air Max 90 Dames Grijs its last to hit stores.Rick Owens’s adidas collabs were wild and wonderful in all the weirdest ways. From the Vicious Runner to Springblade Boots, the partnership created some of the decade’s most avant garde sneakers. Considering part of adidas’s Jordan-jumping strategy is its high fashion footwear partnerships with designers like Raf Simons and Stella McCartney, watching an icon like Rick Owens leave the family is surprising, to say the least.Then again, would it really be Rick Owens if it weren’t?

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