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 satisfied with their improvement 
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Сообщение satisfied with their improvement
Now that we’ve looked at a lot of factors that play a role in the transition to college from a training standpoint, let’s look at whether or not people were satisfied with their transition, and then investigate the possible reasons why.

Surprisingly, less than half of the respondents were completely satisfied with their improvement rates in college. This is somewhat disheartening to look at as a coach as that’s a pretty poor number. What we’d need to see is if it was too high of expectations going in, or if it was just from lack of improvement (which is a statistic I’ll look at in the full analysis when I enter in the HS to college PR progression for each respondent).

If so many people weren’t satisfied with their improvement, what were the major reasons why, according to the respondents?

34% of people said that injury/illness was the main reason for the lack of improvement. Followed by “other” at 18% and then inferior training in college at 16% and over-training at 13%.

What I see as a coach is that a lot of these factors are training related. Injuries, over-training, and inferior training are all directly tied to training obviously. So it seems to me that there are potentially a lot of things that a coach can do to ensure improvement. I was somewhat surprised by the lower numbers of either burnout or changes in motivation/priorities. Those were the external choices that would explain motivation changes.To investigate this further, we can look at a snapshot of the number of injuries in HS and college. What you see is a very large shift of the frequency of major injuries. Keep in mind that major injuries are defined as those that keep you out for more than 2 weeks. In HS, the majority of the respondents were injury free throughout their HS careers, with only 2% of athletes injured every year. When we get to college, the picture changes completely. Only 25% were injury free, and the largest group (32%) had 2-3 major injuries during their career, while 12.6% suffered 4+ major injuries.

We can infer that the large increase in training demands probably played a role, but should the injury rate jump that high just because of an increase in training demands? Perhaps, as coaches were missing the boat on preventative strategies, or modulating the training to ensure a gradual progression, instead of throwing people to the wolves.

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