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 helps many to focus entirely 
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Сообщение helps many to focus entirely
Given the response to my last post on How to Run, I figured I needed to explain and expand on some of the concepts covered. To complement the reading heavy last post, this time around I’ve included a video and several pictures to help demonstrate some of the concepts discussed. I’ve also tried to address the problem of conceptualizing hip extension.

Before getting to the visual aids, I’d like to first give some practical cues for changing your running form. In what is becoming a reoccuring theme of this Adidas Eqt Support Adv Womens blog (and was mentioned in the comments by some astute readers), often what we see and what actually is happening are two different things. To help alleviate this confusion, I’ve listed some of the visual “problems” that are often seen in running, and then given Adidas Superstar Dam Silver their actual causes. While knowing the actual cause is great and all, it’s useless without a way to fix it. To help you out, I’ve listed a number of possible “cues” to use to help correct the problems. Hopefully you find this information useful.The biggest source of confusion in my last biomechanics article was on hip extension. This is my fault and a remnant of reading too many biomechanics papers. As with everything in biomechanics, there is a description of how it looks like and what it feels like. Describing what hip extension looks like is a piece of cake. It’s Nike Air Max Jewell Dames best thought of as the moving of the whole upper thigh backwards in the running motion. It helps many to focus entirely on the hip joint, and think of the movement coming from there. This is clearly seen in the pictures below.

Describing what it feels like is Nike Air Max 90 Mujer a little more difficult. The point I was trying to make, but didn’t come across quiet as clearly as it should have, is that the hip complex is where the power comes from. It’s not from pushing off with your toes or with your calves. The cue should be to focus on the hip as your sort of speed control. As mentioned in my long post on the biomechanics, the hip acts like a crank. The faster you want to go the more powerful or quicker the hip extension needs to be. It’s always present, it’s just the degree of extension that controls the speed. Once you’ve initiated it, allow Nike Air Max Classic BW Dam it to happen. It’s not forcing the leg backwards, it’s starting it and the letting it do it’s work. This will take some experimenting around to get the right idea and correct feeling. Most runners start off with limiting the hip extension and then go to the Adidas Superstar Womens Blue opposite extreme in trying to force full extension on every stride no matter the pace. Eventually, you’ll settle in as you become aware of just how much is really needed for each given speed. It’s like when you first learn to drive and you’re too hard on the breaks when stopping because you haven’t fine tuned the process yet.

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