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 microtears than usual and thus 
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Сообщение microtears than usual and thus
Secondly, most of us do not use biking, swimming, or an elliptical regularly. This is important because that means these activities are new stimulus to us. If you get on a bike for the first time in a long time and you cycle for 3 hours, what is going to happen to your body? Nothing is used to that activity, Adidas Superstar Mujer Verdes your muscles aren’t going to be used to that and you’ll have more microtears than usual and thus be more sore. It will take longer to repair the muscle too, so the soreness will persist and fatigue will come faster for a couple of days. It’s like the old chart you see in every training book, the www.vendelsovvs.se curve where you push yourself below the line during a workout and then come back up during the recovery.

Think back to those training books you’ve read and remember how they say that you quickly respond to a new stimulus and then the improvements tend to level off. Normally the paragraph on this is Adidas Ultra Boost Mujer accompanied by a picture of a graph showing some variable that increases rapidly at first then slowly levels off and eventually flattens out. That is what happens with cross training too. You will respond to even relatively moderate loads at first (not low loads because your fitness from running has some carry over effect).

Ignoring all of the science, the best way to think about why it is rediculous is use common sense. Go try and bike for several hours every day. By the 3rd or so day your ass will be so sore it is not even funny. Your Adidas ZX Flux Femme legs will feel like burning even at low intensities and HR’s. How do I know this? I’ve tried it. It happens. Perhaps more convinving, is the idea that if Lance Armstrong during his prime got hurt so he couldn’t bike for 5 weeks and could only run. Do you think he’d do the equivalent of his cycling Nike Air Max Classic Bw Damen training running? No, would he even do close to it? No. Would you have him run 100mpw? No. Ignoring the impact of running, you still wouldn’t. He’d be fried by 100mpw and workouts that first week even if the impact wasn’t a problem.

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