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 misconception in this scenario 
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Сообщение misconception in this scenario
Now you know that every single run doesn’t have to get longer to improve distance, but what can you do mid-week to improve your ability to run for longer? Putting the correct things within your shorter runs will improve overall aerobic fitness and make the Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Beige long run feel easier. This comes in the form of blocks of threshold work (running at three- to four-word answer pace, or effort level Nike Air Max 90 Damen Grau 8/10) for blocks of time, such as putting 4 x 5 mins at threshold with a 1-minute jog recovery into a normal mid-week run. The fitness Nike Metcon Mujer benefits are immense – you build strength and the longer runs will begin to feel easier, ultimately helping duration.

If you’re an experienced runner…

Maybe you have run a number of half marathons or even marathons, but find the second half is a gradual demise to feeling like that novice you were some years ago.

A common misconception in this scenario is that you need to simply practise running longer more often. To a degree, this has an effect, butthe runner who runs long and slow all the time must resign themselves to being slow come race day. Instead, it’s time to build the ‘strength endurance’ and ‘speed endurance’ that will enable to you to run harder for longer and maintain pace.

Have you ever Adidas Superstar Dames Roze noticed it’s not the lungs that give up in longer races, but the legs? You can easily chat to or the person next to you, but the legs Adidas NMD Mujer don’t want to go any faster? In which case, you need to make yourself stronger.

This work comes in the form of threshold blocks, as mentioned above and continuous threshold hills. These involve running up and down a ten per cent gradient hill for blocks of time. Run up for 45 to 60 seconds, turn and run down at the same effort, continuing this for the allocated block of time. So a session may be 4 x 6 mins of continuous hills with a two-minute jog recovery.

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