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 need to inspect each item 
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Сообщение need to inspect each item
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Do you need public liability insurance? Some events/venues will require this so be aware you may need to obtain insurance for the event (this cost can be covered in the entry 'donation' if it is needed).
Do you want to provide tea/coffee or light refreshments on the day? Would you prefer to ask participants to bring nibbles to Nike Air Max 2015 Womens share?
How many items of clothing will you allow per person? You don't want the racks to look empty, Nike Air Max 2016 Womens but you don't want them to be too full! Also, it's important that it is a fair swap. 5-10 items per person is a good figure to start with, depending on the total number of participants and rack space available.
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Clothing Inspections: you will need to inspect each item for quality and cleanliness. Items should only have minor defects if any, that are easy to repair (such as a missing button). If you wouldn't give the item to a friend then don't bring it to swap! You will also need to communicate this to your participants well before the swap as this will minimise time for checking and the chances of having to turn away items at check-in. It is good to exclude Adidas Superstar Damen underwear and gym wear as many people will not want to exchange these items.
What will you do with any leftover clothing? Donating to a local charity is a good way of passing on the positive impact. Opshop.org is a good website for finding local opportunity/charity Nike Air Max 95 Femme shops.
Where will you promote and advertise the event: some ideas are Facebook/other social media, emails, personal social networks, local newspapers, local noticeboards, flyers, and local food co-ops/cafes.
Changing spaces can be made by using room dividers or hanging up curtains in a specific area of the room for anyone that prefers privacy.
BYOB (Bring your own bag) is a good policy to ensure no plastic single-use bags are being used in the transport of items.

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