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 doing exercise is a good 
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Сообщение doing exercise is a good
When it comes to dealing with bereavement or a break-up, we are conditioned to work through the five stages of grief. Skipping them can cause problems. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, Nike Air Max 1 Damen depression and acceptance. “Every single human being is designed to acknowledge a loss in the five stages of grief,” says Christophe Sauerwein, a psychologist and spokesperson for the iCAAD, the International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders “We believe sadness to be bad sometimes but, actually, we need to become sad about something we have lost to realise we have lost it. Doing a bit of exercise will help to smooth down the process of expressing our emotions and will channel them out, but running could inform a process of denial that’s not healthy.

Nike Air Max 98 DamHowever, Sauerwein points out that running may play a role in the second stage of grief – anger. “Running or doing exercise is a good way to channel out the anger, so there’s something healthy there,” he adds. “Moderate exercise helps because it’s about getting Nike Air Presto Womens you out of a state of numbness.” If this state of numbness stems from clinical depression, though, it is a completely different story and must Adidas Tubular Femme be handled with care. Using exercise to feel a bit better and not dealing with our problems is an extremely fine balance. “Are you running away from something when you run?” asks Sauerwein. “What are you running from? Your thoughts, obsessions, inability to accept the situation? This is when it becomes a toxic process.”

It’s important to stress that the five stages of grief apply to divorce and relationship break-ups, as well as Nike Janoski Femme bereavements. “Divorce is a loss,” says Sauerwein. “We lose a relationship and what makes that difficult is the ex-wife/husband or partner still exists. The loss and grief is about the loss of the relationship and the fact that the other person is still here, running his or her own life.”Whatever the reason, grief is not to be underestimated, even if you think you are feeling OK. “Any type of loss creates grief and, in my experience, grief is the most painful emotion that a human can experience,” says psychotherapist Anna Pinkerton, author of the book Smile Again: Your Recovery From Burnout, Breakdown and Overwhelming Stress

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