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 The teacher recommended that 
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Сообщение The teacher recommended that
The teacher recommended that we read a book called "The Story of Lei Feng Car". I learned a lot from this book and I was Human life is limited. However, serving the people is limitless Parliament Cigarettes. I want to invest a limited life into the infinite service for the people..." "Lei Feng spirit" inspires us. "Lei Feng Car" inherited the spirit of Lei Feng and sent people unlimited warmth: they not only retrieved the lost wallet for Mr Marlboro Gold. Du, but also sent her back to her mobile phone, and solved the economic problem for Xiao Zhoujuan. Wu Runxia one day and one night, for Li Fei's mother "Bai Li chasing the baby", to send warmth in the Mid-Autumn Festival, at the station for Yu Jifu "sentimentally call" and so on and so on. The most touching is the driver's contribution, the Lei Feng car "group is consistent, fulfilling the promise of "I would rather suffer from the hardships, not let the passengers be difficult for a while", and temper the "Lei Feng car" that keeps pace with the times and is touching. The spirit of "Lei Feng Che" group is to help people, to serve the people's dedication, to be dedicated, to work hard, to work together, to work together, to create first-class good style, to hold faith, perseverance and tenacity is worth it. We study.Water, moisturizing everything, is closely related to people's production and life. The water is sweet. But sometimes it is bitter; water is precious, but sometimes it is flooded; water is clear, but in some places it becomes filthy; all creatures are inseparable from water, but in some special needs of water The place, it has become so embarrassed... In the facs south and more north, and there are many places where water is scarce. In places where ther protecting water resources, and discharge industrial wastewater into rivers and lakes, causing serious pollution of water resources. Fish and shrimp live in such water, they will slowly poison and die; if people drink such water Cigarette Online, they will become sick and seriously affect their health. After listening, I feel really terrible! Why do humans only know how to make money and don't know how to protect water resources? If we go on, it will be diffi the water in the water tank and the water storage bucket constantly flows into the sewer Carton Of Newports. Some families will use some water that is completely usable, such as a dish of water and a wash basin of water, directly into the sewer Marlboro Gold Pack, to see if these wasted water, if you drop it every year, if you want to seriously calculate The result will surely surprise you! You can also contribute.

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