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 oday, I read a story calle 
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Сообщение oday, I read a story calle
oday, I read a story called "The People's English Model", which introduces more than 100 great and obsc, theclimate was fickle, and it was sunny for a while, and it was rainy and rainy for a while. Even some grasslands are covered with swamps. If you don't care, you will fall. When I read this: I was shocked. In such a harsh environment, the Red Army is plugging its wings and it is hned, and some even faint. There is no way, they can only dig wild vegetables to eat, if not, eat bark. One day, they caught 3 small fish, which is for the Red Army. However, it was a good thing, but three soldiers in the Red Army had gastrointestinal problems and needed nutrition. The squad leader gave the three small fish to the three soldiers, but they fainted. When they reacted, the squad leader had already sacrificed... When I read it agaid: they rely on hard work! Yes, there is no 25,000-year long march of the Red Army. How can there be a good life now? We are now living a good life, how can we know the hard wlf-sacrifice. "There is nothing to do, death and then." The squad leader did not consider himself and considered the three sick soldiers. Therefore, the Red Army can complete such a long and arduous long march! This is not accidental, but it was succeeded by thousands of soldiers. They all have one dream together: the motherland is stroe dream. Let the motherland prosper, hope that every Chinese can eat and wear warm, let foreigners look at us Chinese... The purpose of these dreams is to repay the motherland. However, you have thought about it. There is no hard work, where to let the motherland break through many difficulties; without self-denial Cigarettes Online, how can the motherland be better? Although we are still small, we have a long and long journey Cigarettes For Sale... But from now on, we will be unyielding. I also have my own dream: let the motherland be able to make a dThe dream is the power. He takes us to fly higher and fly farther. He looks like a star in the universe. It seems to be out of reach, but as long as the effort is always touched. It has rooted in the hearts of each of us, sprouting buds, and in the future he will blossom bright floweew up, I discovered that to realize my dream, I must seize every hard-won opportunity Newport Cigarettes Price. I am brave enough to face the difficulties I use. When I see others stretching on the stage, I am extremely envious Cigarettes Cheaper. In the future, I must shine on the stage like them. When I tell my father this idea, Dad. However, he said: "Nothing is done, now your study is the most important thing. Dance is secondary. When you learn to do it well, you want to do whatever you reams become the foundation for realizing the Chinese dream. I want to make my dreams become the foundation for realizing the Chinese dream: I want everyone to know that if there is a dream Marlboro Cigarettes Online, it will be realized. I want to fly to the wonderful future with my dream wings!

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