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 runners of all levels from 
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Сообщение runners of all levels from
When looking at sprinters versus distance runners, I see very defined patterns of motion in sprinters that are much more consistent across individuals than in distance runners. Sprinters have an amazing ability, due to training and biomechanical/kinesiological demands, to achieve triple flexion during swing (hip flexion/abduction/external rotation, knee flexion, ankle dorsiflexion) and triple extension during propulsion (hip extension/internal rotation, knee extension, ankle plantar flexion). The flexion and extension patterns in runners and sprinters are always cyclical and require high levels of Nike Air Huarache Damen coordination and timing. These triple flexion and Adidas ZX 700 Femme extension patterns are obviously accentuated in the sprinter versus the distance runner as seen above; however, the pattern should always be expressed in any runner regardless of speed or talent.

Now, understanding that running is highly coordinated and cyclical, I want to present what I am seeing clinically. I have had the privilege and opportunity to treat runners of all levels from Olympians to recreational runners. Working with these runners, whether injured or not, I am seeing very distinct patterns regardless of the level of ability and talent. Currently, in the world of running if you ask anybody regularly treating runners at any level what is the most important motion that a runner should possess, they will most likely say hip extension. I believe that hip extension is extremely valuable and needed to coordinate movement Nike Air Max 90 Femme Bleu appropriately during running; however, in the clinic I only truly find a significant loss of monoarticular (iliopsoas) hip extension necessary to run approximately 25% of the time. Most runners, I have come to believe, have the ability to extend their hips, whether they take advantage of their available hip extension is another story. (By the way, most of the force that we produce whether running or sprinting occurs from initial contact to mid-stance at which point force decreases rapidly – a little off topic but something to think about). With that said, I do often find a significant restriction of the biarticular hip muscle rectus femoris. Does the short and/or stiff biarticular hip flexor and knee extensor (rectus femoris) result from overuse? Absolutely! I believe significant overuse of this two-joint hip flexor, along with the TFL (Nike Internationalist Mujertensor fasciae latae), is resulting from the poor ability Nike Cortez Mujer to control gravity and coordinate movement. These two muscles are primarily active during mid swing and at the end of swing to mid-stance. Why is this occurring? I will try to explain.

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