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 pairs of shoes ove 
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Now, some runners have no problem handling this amount of force application. They have good structure, good mechanics, good strength, stability and balance. They can run mile after mile without getting seriously hurt because their body works optimally to handle the forces applied. Other Nike Air Max 270 Donna people have poor strength, stability, balance, etc. They might have imbalances in structure or muscle Nike Air Vapormax Donna strength for example. They might have poor running mechanics. They might have an anatomical abnormality that makes it harder to manage particular types of force applied in particular ways. But here’s the key point – all of these things are force modifiers. They alter how much force is applied at what time during stance, and they influence where specifically forces are applied at the level of tissues. For example, someone with a weak gluteus medius on one side may have a hip instability that causes them to manage forces at the knee in a non-optimal way. This can lead to injury such as ITBS or patellofemoral pain syndrome.

I would group shoes in with all of these other factors as a force modifier because they do alter how forces are Adidas Neo Femme applied to the body. They can alter stability, joint torques and the timing and magnitude of force application. They can alter where specifically forces are applied – a good example of this is the increased burden placed on the calf muscles in low-drop shoes. Match the wrong pair of shoes with a runner who is otherwise healthy and the shoes themselves can alter force application in such a way as to precipitate an injury. This can go the other way too – move to less shoe or barefoot, and force application is modified in ways that can be either positive or negative. Which result occurs is highly individual and is dependent on all of the things discussed above (an individual’s inherent strength, stability, structure, etc. – I’d also include past history of shoe wear here). Sometimes runners can adapt to forces over a period of time Adidas Tubular Donne and new shoe works out fine, sometimes they can’t and the only solution is to ditch the footwear and try something else.

Having myself run in probably more than 75 pairs of shoes over the past 5 years, I can confidently say that there are certain shoes that have caused me pain. My most recent example is the New Balance MT110 – the slanted sole causes my feet to evert excessively just standing in them, and I developed a very tender posterior tibial tendon after a long trail run in the shoes. Never had the pain in any other shoe. Might I have adapted with continued use? Perhaps, but why would I want to adapt to a shoe that causes me pain when there are equivalently built and priced options that don’t cause me trouble? Another example are the Vibram Fivefingers – I often get an ache under my second metatarsal after running long in Asics Gel Lyte 3 Damen them, never feel this in other shoes. I suspect it has to do with fit and a resulting reduction in ability of my toes to flex and share the load during take-off (not to mention that the lack of cushion probably increases focal load on the second met head). A third example – before I cut the forefoot band, the New Balance MT10 caused me wicked ITB pain on one side. Never happened in any other shoe, and pain went away after I cut the band. I could go on…

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