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 I really like to read the 
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Сообщение I really like to read the
I really like to read the book "We Love Science". The content is very rich. Below, please listen to me and tell me about the readings of "We Love Science". In the twenty-first century, science will become the life of mankind. If you don't understand science Cigarettes Wholesale Online, you can't live in this society. If you have the seeds of science and carefully cultivated, over time, this seed will continue to take root, sprout, and bear fruit... and the "Nobel Prize in Science" is to use such a reward to stimulate People love science and use science to create our beautiful life. In more than 20 countries, 466 scientists won the Nobel Prize Free Carton Of Newports. When they went to the "Nobel Prize" podium, they represented themselves as a great asset of scientific creation. Therefore, we must learn science, love science, and show science. But how can we do that? Scientists tell us that curiosity is one of the most important aspects of human nature and the main motivation for stimulating the exploration of scientific mystery; the best way to satisfy this strong desire is to be brave enough to ask why Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes, to try, to innovate, to overthrow The words and conclusions of the predecessors, and ultimately the results are their own results. For example, Galileo, Copernicus and others, bravely pointed out the mistakes of the predecessors, despite the pressure and opposition from all sides. Through hands-on practice and experimentation, I proved that my point of view is correct, in exchange for my own success. I heard that there are three students in the first year of high school, and they also have strong curiosity. They are full of curiosity about a national instrument such as "��". After analyzing the characteristics of this instrument, they are determined to make a musical instrument similar to "��". They go to squat or buy a lot of straws every day. They carefully studied these straws, took advantage of countless breaks, and experienced countless failures. As the saying goes: "Failure is the mother of success" is not wrong at all. They finally succeeded. 1000 straws are inserted together to form a huge straw instrument, which is as beautiful and twirling as it is. "The sound that blows out is even better." Although they are not great scientists, they can think of such things and overcome difficulties. It is not easy. Think about myself, I have tried the taste of success. Before I saw others playing airplane models, curiosity drove me to make me want to do one more. So, I kept collecting materials and then I started doing it myself. In the process of doing it, although the engine was hurt, bleeding, leaving scars, but ultimately succeeded in making a beautiful model. At that time, my joyful look had long been a painful and painful process in the process of doing it. This is the curiosity of our teenagers Newports Wholesale. What young people can think of, adults can not think of it, because the fantasies of teenagers are naive and strange. In fact, the innate conditions of Nobel's winners are not as good as us Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. What can they do, why can't we do it? Young friends, hurry up our precious teenage years! Let's do it with your brain! The book "We Love Science" not only allows me to understand a lot of knowledge about science, but also enriches my life and makes me happier!

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