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 Years of age are 
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Сообщение Years of age are
Years of age are similar, and the ages are different. There is no deliberate waiting, no deliberate expectation. As time goes by, the cool autumn wind brings the atmosphere of the full moon, and it is also the year of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the season of genius, many people are looking forward to the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, looking forward to reunion with their loved ones, reunion with lovers, cheering on the wine, spending the next month, a total of Juanjuan. And I can only be full of thoughts, only On this full moon of poetry and painting, I fully gave my deep homesickness, but I was endlessly concerned. But think about how many people who are drifting outside can fulfill their wish on the full moon night! Everyone who is afraid of being out of the house can only hope that the moon will sigh Cigarette Wholesale, borrowing alcohol and drinking, and borrowing the moon to send love. Perhaps for a project builder, the reunion with relatives during the festival has become a The most extravagant enjoyment, I can't, but there are more people can't, maybe people's mood is the same as me, can only make a phone call in the hometown and relatives, video greetings and greetings, silently missing loved ones I don't remember myself How many Mid-Autumn Festivals have not passed at home, I only remember that I enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival in my childhood. At that time, there were no bean paste, egg yolk stuffing, strawberry stuffing... these delicious moon cakes. But the mother made it by hand. Mid-Autumn moon cakes can also be regarded as a piece of art (Gansu Liangzhou traditional moon cake). A large, thick-shaped cake of the size of a wash basin, which is layered by a thin layer of cake. Each layer is covered with different color sauces, and then steamed on the fire. In addition to the fragrance is full of artistic sense. The color pattern of the mother's layer cake is beautiful, the big moon cake has seven or eight pounds, there is a car wheel The size and shape are also very beautiful, some are like lotus, some are like goldfish, some are like ԧ��, some are like ����... Their styling color symbolizes auspicious wealth Cigarettes Types, symbolizes peace and happiness. At night, the family puts A large round table, placed on the side where you can see the moon, put on the various moon cakes and fruits that the mother made to sacrifice the moon, and pray for the good weather of the year. At that time, enjoying the moon cake is like a myth. The legend is full of warmth, full of mystery, full of sweetness, full of infinite moonlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the same sprinkling in every corner of the world Marlboro Cigarettes Website, the Mid-Autumn Festival of childhood, imprinted with the joy of parents, kind and kind The face is the happiness and joy of the reunion of the family. At the time of the world, the end of the world has a lot of wandering in the mood of the wandering in the hometown, the same sky, the same moon, why is it that the month is the hometown circle "What? It's just that people love their hometown and miss their loved ones Newport 100S Price." As time went by, I set up my own family, settled in a city four or five thousand kilometers away from my parents Newports 100S, and I was far away from home. The number of times I went home during the holidays was small. Every time I went to the festival, I thought about reuniting with my family. It is unlikely that the shape of the parents will gradually grow old, the two sputums are dyed with white hair, and the year-round Mid-Autumn Festival is full of sadness. When will it be, but this time of love will be changed to the Mid-Autumn Festival." The moonlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a feeling of nostalgia for the distant traveler. It is a heart-warming song that is swaying, and it is a deep blessing to precipitate the heart. Moon to Mid-Autumn Festival, or a song for wine, or watching the homesickness; or gather together to make a drink; Or ignite a bonfire, sing a song and dance; or celebrate the fun of the carnival. "Harmony" has become the eternal taste of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon to the Mid-Autumn Festival is still the hometown circle. The moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you are busy for those jobs, far away from home Is there a way to take care of the distant home to illuminate the distant road? The moon of Mid-Autumn Festival, do you want to make the holy circle complete for everyone's life! You want to use gentleness to smooth the feelings of the wanderers' homesickness. Mid-Autumn Festival I like the chastity of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the beauty of the moon, the quietness of the moon. It is a pure beauty, but also a kind of deserted beauty. The moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival always makes people think and feels a lot. Mid-Autumn Festival Month, romantic human fireworks. Mid-Autumn Festival, condensed family, friends and a year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, heartfelt blessings of family and friends, when "the sea is bright and the moon, a total of this time", I hope that people will last forever

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