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 I walked out of the 
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Сообщение I walked out of the
I walked out of the school gate and saw the "snow" on the piled ground. I took a group and looked at it in detail. It was like cotton, but it was lighter! I breathed, it shook the soft body, protesting Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, I was busy. Living in the breath, afraid to blow it away, it subsided, I looked at it more carefully, it has a layer of cotton wool outside, it seems like nothing, like a fairy's clothes Marlboro Red 100 Carton, this clothes is like a cloud white, and light as a silk Soft dreams are like bubbles in the water. They can only be seen but can't be touched Cigarettes Wholesale Price. One is not paying attention. When a wind blows, it jumps from the palm of my hand and flies to the place where the sun shines. This makes me think of a word~ It��s like a lotus flower. Isn��t it just like this? I also found that there is a seed in this fairy costume. I believe that when it grows up, it will be a spring of cotton flying. I watched it for a long time and then returned. Home, ask my mom about this cotton wool. This kind of thing can be used as a pillow, and it can be comfortable to sleep Carton Of Newport Shorts Price. I think, when we sleep, it may sprout in our dreams, pass us the warmth, give us light clothes, let us be as light as a swallow, fly to the place where we want to go, the cotton wool floats, It is like a warm cloud, snow white, floating towards me Newport Box 100'S. Kapok is open again, the floe is floating at this moment, the night is quiet, a cup of new tea, think of a saying in the tea ceremony, this tea and people are for a lifetime. I think, this person is not what it is. There are a few people who can meet and be able to get together. According to the cause and effect of Buddhism, the encounter in this life has the cause of past life. Therefore, this life needs to be slowly understood, tasted, and cherished. Like the sun-floating tea in this cup, it takes a lifetime to grow, and it contains the essence of the heavens and the earth. It only meets with the people of this life. I stared at the tea in this cup and watched them stretch in the boiling water, slowly reverting to the appearance of the past life. The piece of complete tea leaves the bright yellow color of the early spring in the light and shadow of the cup. I felt the fragrance and I realized that the bitter bitterness always thought that this tea should look at its rhyme, smell its fragrance, and taste its taste, but this is what the senses can understand. It is the intention to understand the taste of it. The tea in this cup is also very close to me. For this life, I have to be sincere. I picked up the teacup, took a bite, and savored it. I was afraid of not understanding the taste of it. I lost the conciseness of her past life. The encounter of this world.

Чт апр 11, 2019 8:24
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