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 Yesterday, a spring 
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Сообщение Yesterday, a spring
Yesterday, a spring rain blew down all night, getting up in the morning, the spring rain seems to have not stopped. The temperature has not been warm and pleasant in the past few days, and people feel a little bit chilly. Perhaps because of the mourning of the various colors in the past few days, I can't worry, so I hold the umbrella, I still think I should go see them Newport Menthol Shorts. Walking in the cold of spring, the eyes are full of spring vitality. The new leaves on the branches have been baptized by the spring rain. It seems that they grew up a lot of nights Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. It is not a matter of doubt. Is this just under the sun yesterday, just sprouting, with green shoots? I can��t help but grow up. fast. Unconsciously came to the flower forest. The wet grass was red, the green grass was hard to lift, and the hands were carefully holding up the falling petals. The raindrops on the petals were red, pink, and green... Countless colored crystal balls. They are delicately cut out under the petals, and the spiritual elves and petals are whispering. Perhaps, like me, they pity the colorful petals, and they are attracted by the feminine and aesthetics. They come with them to accompany them. They whispered to tell the parting and the joy of goodbye. So, help her turn into spring mud, regenerate you with another kind of life, this tree green is more springy under her conservation. It is no wonder that the green leaves will be colorful in the sun, and they have the color of flowers. Even if you use all your strength, it is still the indifference of the back. Too much obsession Newport Box 100'S, hurting you and me, after all, there is no tomorrow to say. To learn to forget more and more, I am reluctant to give up. The wall in the heart, as the annual rings are getting higher and higher, the outside world is less and less touchable. All the cautious escapes, unexpectedly, unprepared wolverine is so unbearable, proud of self-esteem was ridiculed, stunned, and turned into silence Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale. Tomorrow's tomorrow spreads the whole life, and the age of one year and one year is flat. The shade under the phoenix tree has also become the residence of others. I will still sit long, like a monk who is acquainted with the meditation, practicing the fate of the Buddha, and not reading the result. That can't be how, I am just like a passer in your life, just come and look at your life - tell him. There are also a few lights in the night too late, waiting for the people they have to wait for, who is waiting for me? Without my lights. I think there is still a chance to start from the beginning, to make myself a little simpler, to be a little silent, to reject the confusion and torture that is now. Looking at the days when I haven't seen the weather for a long time, I hide in my own little world, and I will commemorate the youth that is about to pass away Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, but I can't forget it. I used a lot of courage, let go of what I can��t put now, and I can��t keep it now. It��s far, very close. Although sometimes it��s incoherent, it��s already a lot better. After all, I��m a passerby, not so much. . Once purely inconspicuous, nowadays disguised indifference and people, time has changed our appearance, and the heart that has not changed has always been so strong. I am obsessed with not counting the fact that the Buddha is also difficult to cross, and counts the flowers and flowers, and the thoughts are the end

Чт апр 11, 2019 8:24
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