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 Earth, the mother 
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Сообщение Earth, the mother
Earth, the mother of mankind, for thousands of years, she has nurtured humans with sweet milk, but at the beginning of the "industrial revolution", the appearance of the earth is also changing quietly - inscriptions when people put plastic bags and other garbage When they were thrown, did they realize that environmental pollution was caused by a simple move, and it also caused a great waste of resources Marlboro Gold. The dissolution of a No. 1 battery is enough to make 1 square meter of soil lose agricultural value, and a button battery can pollute 600,000 liters of water, which is the amount of water used by a person for a lifetime. Therefore, we should understand the importance of waste separation and recycling. Unsorted mixed waste is usually sent to the dump site before being sent to landfill or incineration. This treatment is not only costly but also heavily polluting the land, air and water. The hazard of garbage is so large. If every household first classifies some domestic garbage, sanitation workers can recycle those useful garbage Cheap Cigarettes, turn waste into treasure, and timely dispose of useless garbage to prevent environmental pollution Marlboro Cigarettes. In today's society, the importance of the classification of household waste should be taken seriously by everyone. It should be put on our life schedule. In my opinion, garbage classification is a major issue related to the global environment and land resources. Think about it. Look, if we live in a dirty and messy environment all day, absorbing the pungent air and drinking the smell of water, how irritating and painful our mood is! So that it will affect our normal life. The earth is our homeland and a common home for all things. We live with all things, and physics should be our friend. In order to protect the environment, we should do a good job of garbage sorting, so we should start from now, start from the side, start from me, start from a little bit of little things, recognize the type of garbage, and classify the garbage. . Second, a lot of publicity, improve people's quality and strengthen environmental awareness. Third, buy food as much as possible without plastic bags, use baskets, cloth bags, etc., go out to eat less disposable chopsticks, try to bring yourself. Fourth, the implementation of garbage sorting bags, scheduled to be placed. V. Recycling and recycling of wastes, through the continuous research and development of waste recycling technology, to achieve the waste of waste into treasure. Through classified distribution and classified collection, useful materials such as paper, plastic, rubber, glass, bottles, metals, and used household appliances are separated from the garbage and recycled, reused, and turned into waste. It not only improves the utilization level of garbage resources, but also reduces the amount of garbage disposal. These are all the things around us that can be done by hand, but the classification of garbage can not be ignored. Dr. Goodall said: ��Everyone is important; everyone plays a role; everyone can bring change.�� Garbage classification is a prerequisite for scientific treatment of waste, and it is a reduction and recycling of waste. And lay the foundation for harmless treatment. Garbage classification: Starting from me, mobilizing everyone, and the beautiful appearance of Mother Earth in the past, let our hands-on work become a habit, become a kind of literacy, take action.
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