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 MapleStory Events/Cash Shop Items Suggestions 
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Сообщение MapleStory Events/Cash Shop Items Suggestions
I would really like to know who is responsible for making the choices for what is going to be on earnings in the Cash Shop and also the events going on at moment. I'm a returned player, who had left because October 2015 and verily I can declare that these present events are extremely terrible. In terms of the Cash Shop upgrade or daily sales it goes exactly the same, rather nothing intriguing.

I'd like to spend money but the present events and money store items don't make sense at all. I can't blame the community supervisor since they do not make the decisions but those that are receiving the reports out of the ( CM ) are people to blame. People want to find another nx transfer event which might have been done for new year rather than the new year shop which had nothing more interesting in Maplestory Mesos to begin with. You guys can market the nx transport for 500nx/each transport and use platinum vases for untradeable items like: black swordsman decoration, sylph ring and more in returns you guys really make more gains over the time rather than redoing the exact same event a year or two later down the line. People are constantly switching between characters and that's where the cash is sitting in moving stuff.

On an ending note, I truly hope to see better things coming up from the entire nexon group since right now even when the new 5th project update came out it feels the same as when I left. KlaraPaying nx to move our perms that we bought/wore about the wrong character?

I understand but MS Mesos has to be only for both parties... Doing it because you wish for free will finally influence their market. Moreover, 500nx/1k nx is nothing compared to the time that you have to wait for another money item transfer event. It gives them excuses to place more work on upcoming events which matter with great contents which will assist the participant to advance without feeling left behind or stagnant because they cannot spend 100$ on nx for cubing or shielding scrolls.

Пн май 21, 2018 7:37
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