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 Cory LittletonIt may seem funny to give a game ball to the R 
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Сообщение Cory LittletonIt may seem funny to give a game ball to the R
“mike” linebacker in a game where the opposition rushed for 190 yards www.ramsauthorizedshops.com , but here we go. Littleton came up big when it needed most.During Seattle’s final push to get back into field goal range at the end of the game, Littleton made two stellar plays. The first was when he leapt with both arms in the air like he was playing volleyball in Hermosa Beach, and swatted down Russell Wilson’s pass attempt.The next play Littleton blitzed up the middle, but didn’t over commit, and consequently remained in front of Wilson as he scampered backward and to the sideline, only to toss the ball away. The Rams were a completion and field goal from losing the game, and thanks to Littleton they escaped. Oh yeah, plus he blocked another punt. Robert WoodsWith Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp out of the game due to concussion protocol, Robert Woods valiantly carried the load with a little help from Josh Reynolds at times. At times Woods really looks like a throwback from the Greatest Show on Turf, silky smooth like Isaac Bruce and always in the right place. Woods finished with five receptions for 92 yards Los Angeles Rams Womens T-Shirt , to go with a 56-yard jetsweep.Jared GoffIt was fun to see Jared Goff have to play with some adversity in the form of losing two of his favorite targets and facing a bit more pressure. Though circumstances changed, his poise seemed the same. Sure a ball slipped out of his hand and he threw another red zone pick, but he just kept battling. He ended up 23/32 for 321 yards. His rating was low, 76.0, but that was partly due to his Hail Mary interception at the end of the first half. Goff seems officially ready to play in hostile environments. Cooper KuppThough Kupp only played in the first half, he had six catches for 90 yards and a touchdown. Coming into the season I wondered if Kupp would improve much since he already seemed so polished coming out of Eastern Washington. But Kupp seems to have become an even more reliable target for Jared Goff, and is currently on pace to end up with 76 receptions for over 1,100 yards and about 13 touchdowns.Todd GurleyYardage-wise it wasn’t a monster day for Gurley, but he seemed in control when tapped and netted three more touchdowns. At times the offense leaned heavily on the pass, but Gurley was ready to roll and extend plays at plenty of critical junctures. When you look at how running backs often hit an early wall in their careers Los Angeles Rams Hats , perhaps “under-usage” isn’t the worst thing in the world. McVay knows dude.Could Steven Means be an option for the Los Angeles Rams? There is a weakness to every great empire.The Los Angeles Rams defense (we’ve yet to see if they’ll be an empire) is no different.The EDGE/OLB/outside pass rushers leave something to be desired. That’s not to say that they aren’t talented or wont perform, but for a team — and in particular a defense — that has Superbowl aspirations, it’d make sense to equip Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips with as much pass rushing ammo as you can.There’s nothing wrong with having a multitude of guys who can get after the quarterback. Not only does it help largely having dependable depth, but the defensive line is a position that rotates often. If you have a stable of guys that can rotate in-and-out routinely, you stress an offensive line in every way possible.Recently, the Rams bounced from “okay let’s take a look at Junior Galette”, to “we’re likely to sign him if he passes his physical”, to “his physical was fine but we’re going to pass for private reasons”.Yes, that’s quite the journey.Through all that, the Rams also activated former defensive tackle (primarily a 3-technique) Dominique Easley from the physically unable to perform list. That news is relevant because the Rams revealed that Easley who’s never played on the EDGE Los Angeles Rams Womens Hoodie , will suddenly start taking snaps out there.There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but my brain starts to float elsewhere in the galaxy thinking about potential additions the Rams could make at EDGE. Somebody proven to balance out the youth they currently have. Somebody that’s not too expensive both salary cap and trade compensation wise. Somebody that has shown the ability to get after the quarterback in a league where it’s crucial to do so.That’s how I landed on Philadelphia Eagles defensive end/EDGE Steven Means.Means is a 27-year old four-year veteran who’s played for four NFL teams, though he’s currently on the Eagles’ roster. Means only has two career sacks, though he has another 5.5 sacks in the preseason. The Eagles are obviously stacked at the defensive end position, employing first-round pick Derek Barnett, Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Michael Bennett, and rookies Josh Sweat and Joe Ostman.What does this mean for Means?Well, I’m not really sure.He’s shown an ability to play Womens Customized Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , I know that. Means may be able to stick on that roster, and I’d honestly be a little shocked if he didn’t. Teams just don’t give up on pass-rushing talent for no reason. Regardless, the Eagles have a ton of depth at the position. Whether Means reaches the market or doesn’t, I think the Rams would be smart to pursue the opportunity. If he’s a free agent, great, sign him when he becomes available. If he isn’t, I’d offer a late-round pick, or a player-for-player trade that could benefit both teams.I’ve created a highlight tape for Means, so-to-speak. Take a look at some of his ability to rush the passer (the whole thread has useful info):What do you guys think? Is Means worth exploring as a free agent? A trade for a late-round pick (conditional sixth) or a player (WR Mike Thomas)?Let me know what you think of the idea.

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