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As the Buffalo Bills prepare to host the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football Rafael Bush Jersey , Sean McDermott and company need to look for any weaknesses the Patriots might have if they want to pull off the upset. Derek Anderson in particular, will need to do his homework. And why not? Through study, it’s likely he can be taught to find the Achilles heel in the defense. One place opportunity might exist will be match-ups against slot corner Jonathan Jones. Let’s take a peek. Play 1Tyreek Hill does this to a lot of people, so it’s hard to fault Jonathan Jones completely. Jones is toast pretty much from the snap. Shockingly, Jones’s help doesn’t even start to enter the situation until way too late. Jones is a poor match for a speedster and this is one way that the Bills can attack the Patriots’ defense. This wasn’t the only instance where Jones was asked to cover Hill either. The only thing that stopped this from being a touchdown was ball placement. Play 2Sammy Watkins sees Jones and uses another Patriot to make the play for him. Jones isn’t always able to navigate around a busy part of the field and this too can present opportunities for the Bills. If Patrick Mahomes was looking Watkins’ way, this play would be making the rounds on social media. Play 3There’s very little adjustment by the Patriots to Kareem Hunt’s movement in the backfield. The end result is that Jonathan Jones becomes responsible for Hunt. By the time Jones realizes this, there’s no stopping a chunk play. The closing speed is good and the angle adjustment keeps Hunt from a finesse move to blow by Jones. Play 4Zay Jones can make this cut all day and the Bills might be wise to try setting it up. Note that Jonathan Jones doesn’t shy from the late bump. He’s not afraid to play physical football, but this route beats him cleanly. Play 5It’s rare to see Jones in zone looks but here he is in a game against the Houston Texans. He passes his man off cleanly and closes fast when it’s time to rush in. Between the three defenders, the ball carrier is boxed in well. Play 6This chippy play occurred regularly between Jones and the Kansas City Chiefs. On the play before this one Jones grabbed and instigated— this play was the retaliation. A few times it looked like it would lead to punches. Jones can be a little grabby on routes as well, so look for scrapping and cross your fingers it’s Jones who earns the flags. Play 7Jonathan Jones is at his best when he’s playing more like a safety. With the run in front of him, he displays patience and sets his foot decisively to cut around the lineman and make the tackle. Play 8Here’s a similar play but with a true open-field tackle to make. Mahomes has a couple options to look for with his cut. Jones waits it out and forces Mahomes to commit. Once Mahomes’s decision is made, he’s rewarded with a lowered shoulder from Jones. In ConclusionJonathan Jones could be a player the Bills look to find some opportunities against on Monday night. Without an established burner on the team, it’s unlikely the Bills can replicate what Tyreek Hill did to Jones above. Crossing routes, comebacks Josh Allen Jersey , hitches and similar routes are something the Bills do have in Zay Jones. If Derek Anderson can establish some rhythm with the second-year receiver, it could pay off. When the Bills host the Pats on Monday Night Football, fans might want to keep up with the Joneses. When the Buffalo Bills fell to the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 37-5 Sunday in a deflating Week 7 loss, there was one new wrinkle to the offense: After spending the first six weeks calling plays from high atop the field in the coaches’ box, first-year offensive coordinator Brian Daboll called the plays from the sidelines. The result was not encouraging, as QB Derek Anderson tossed three interceptions and lost a fumble, and TE Charles Clay lost a pivotal fumble to end a promising Bills drive early in the second quarter. Buffalo was shutout in the first half, and the offense mustered just a single Stephen Hauschka field goal in dropping its second consecutive game to an AFC South opponent. At least for Monday night’s Week 8 clash with the New England Patriots, During Monday’s press conference, Daboll told members of the media that he plans to continue calling plays from the sidelines.“Yeah. This week, I will,” said the coordinator. “I’ll be down there. I think the communication, particularly with [Derek Anderson] early on鈥?Communicating back and forth with him is important. I just thought that would be a good time to go ahead and go down there so I could communicate with those guys.”Head coach Sean McDermott said the decision is Daboll’s for where he calls the plays on game day. Echoing Daboll’s sentiments, McDermott said the communication improves whenever the offensive coordinator is down on the sideline. McDermott added that another benefit of being on the sideline comes from being able to look the players square in the eyes whenever they come off the field between series. “I give [Brian] the right to call it from where he feels most comfortable Authentic Tremaine Edmunds Jersey ,” said McDermott. “Sometimes, that changes from week to week. I did that in Carolina (as defensive coordinator) a few times鈥?whether for these reasons or for other reasons, a no-huddle offense where I wanted to get the call in right away. So different situations call for different positions.”“If I was up and I wanted to come down, whether it was from a leadership standpoint or from a strategic standpoint if we were facing a no-huddle offense, where I wanted to get the call in myself right away, instead of putting it into—this is before you could call it right in from the booth—getting it to a coach, who would then give it to the middle linebacker,” continued McDermott. “Just from a strategic standpoint, some of those things come into play.”Buffalo has been held scoreless in the first half of three of its last four games, and the offense has scored 29 points (two touchdowns and five field goals) over the same time frame. The Bills rank dead last in the 32-team NFL in scoring average (11.6 points per game) and now must prepare to face a major thorn in their sides—the first-place Patriots (5-2), led by all-world QB Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. The Patriots have dominated the Bills of late, winning 26 of the previous 29 match-ups. Buffalo hosts New England at 8:15 p.m. Monday at New Era Field in the team’s first home Monday Night Football game since a 29-27 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 17, 2008.

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