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 Pablo Reyes is making the most of his chance to earn a berth 
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Сообщение Pablo Reyes is making the most of his chance to earn a berth
BRADENTON Yolmer Sanchez Jersey , Fla. (AP) — Pirates‘ opening-day roster.The 25-year-old is 8 for 28 with two doubles and two home runs going into Friday night’s game against Tampa Bay. He’s had 31 plate appearances in 15 games, starting at second base, shortstop, center field and right field.Every day during pre-game workouts, he takes both grounders and fly balls.“When you are a utility guy, you have to practice at all the positions,” Reyes said. “You take advantage of the opportunities every day and do all you can do so you can help the team. I am working hard with this opportunity to help the team.”Reyes debuted Sept. 2 after seven minor league seasons and hit .293 with three home runs in 18 games.“For him to put up the quality at-bats that he did was impressive,” Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle said. “He did the defensive work. It was a good show. You only get one chance to make a first impression. He made a very favorable one.”Reyes started 172 games at second base in the minors, 142 at shortstop, 55 in center field and 25 at third base. He played left field and right field for the first time in his professional career after reaching Pittsburgh.Reyes also played winter ball in his native Dominican Republic during the offseason and made starts at second Adam Engel Jersey , third, shortstop, left and right.“I spent my time in the Dominican practicing for all the different positions,” Reyes said. “I know that is what I have to do here. I tried to do everything I could to get ready for spring training. I’m here to help the club win games. I want to be ready. All I can do is go out and play baseball. That’s all I can do. If I can play every position, I’ll have a lot of opportunities to make the team.” Baldelli is a young face with the perfect background mixture of player, front office, and coach."News broke late Wednesday night that the Twins would be hiring Rocco Baldelli as their new manager, and by Thursday morning the team confirmed that was the case. The 37-year-old is set to become the youngest current manager in MLB, and the second youngest manager in Twins history. Only Tom Kelly — who was 35 years old when the Twins hired him, yet perpetually looked about 60 — was younger.Here’s Baldelli flying on a private jet http://www.whitesoxfanproshop.com/authentic-paul-konerko-jersey ,presumably on his way to Target Field to complete his I-9 and take part in some kind of press shindig. From what Derek Falvey had previously said about the team’s managerial search, I got the feeling they were looking for someone young, and Baldelli definitely fits that bill. Despite his youth, however, Baldelli has a good amount of experience. He’s served as a coach for the Tampa Bay Rays for the past four years,and was a Special Assistant to the Rays GM for four years before that. He’s well liked in the Rays organization, and around baseball in general, as shown by the fact he was interviewed for four of the five open major league managerial positions opened so far this offseason.Of course, for you young whipper snappers out there, Baldelli was also a major league player Lucas Giolito Jersey , and a well-regarded one at that. He made his big league debut in 2003 at age 21, finishing third in Rookie of the Year voting after hitting .289/.326/.416. He also had a huge RBI hit in the ALCS, which the Rays reminded us about today on Twitter.After six seasons with the Rays and one with the Red Sox, Rocco was unfortunately forced to retire at the young age of 29 due to a rare metabolic/muscular disorder that causes frequent injuries. I remember when I wrote my original post naming all of the first round contenders for the Twins managerial position, I read all of the names to my Mom and when I came to Rocco Baldelli she said, “I remember Rocco! That guy just up and quit baseball!” I had to explain the medical issue. My Mom then told me she had a signed Rocco Baldelli rookie card because of course my Mom has a signed Rocco Baldelli rookie card.Anyway, I would say if there is any sort of theme to Baldelli’s life, it’s that he seems to do everything early and at a young age. Let’s hope he continues that trend with winning the World Series.Also, just want to add — called it.

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