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 Looking at Brian Schottenheimer’s 
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Сообщение Looking at Brian Schottenheimer’s
tendencies with pre-snap tells Welcome back to the fun house that is the NFL regular season Tom Johnson Jersey Green , and as we all get set to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos this afternoon, one of the areas of focus for the Seahawks will be the run game under new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. For those who follow me on Twitter, you are aware that during the summer I charted every single offensive play of the teams for which Schottenheimer has served as offensive coordinator that are available on NFL Gamepass. In charting the more than 4,000 offensive plays that Schottenheimer called for the New York Jets and then St. Louis but now Los Angeles Rams I found a few interesting pre-snap tells that I will be watching for against the Broncos. These tells range from formational keys which give away the team’s intentions regarding run or pass, as well as motion indicators which tip the hand of the play direction. The most basic of these tells I have already shared on Twitter, and so I won’t spend too much time here discussing them beyond simply including the tweets I’ve authored on the subject. Running out of shotgunThe first and most basic tell is that when a Schottenheimer offense is running out of shotgun, how the quarterback and running back are aligned in the backfield relative to one another typically allows for the anticipation of a running play. Specifically, what fans will want to watch here is whether the running back is lined up deeper than the quarterback or not. So, that was the Jets tipping that they would be running in 2011, and here are some examples of the Rams lining up using the same tell in alignment. This was something I watched for in the preseason with the Hawks running game, and it held true to form. In short, when the offense lines up in shotgun, one of the keys is to look at the depth of the running back in relation to Russell Wilson. If they are level, odds are overwhelmingly in favor of a pass play coming, while if the RB is noticeably deeper it is extremely likely that a run is coming. Now Womens Marshawn Lynch Jersey , before anyone gets all up in a huff, yes that tendency can be used to set up play action, and we saw exactly that during the preseason. However, in both New York and St. Louis, such an alignment was a better than ninety percent indicator regarding whether a run or pass play was coming. MotionWhen the Seahawks made changes to their offensive coaching staff at the end of the 2017 season, one of the reasons for making the change was to incorporate more motion into the run game. To that end, Seattle went out and completely revamped the tight end position, with both Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson moving on to the NFC North and Nick Vannett and Will Dissly taking on the lead tight end roles in Schottenheimer’s offensive system. Schottenheimer’s offense uses several different types of motion by backs, tight ends and receivers, and within his system each of these types of motion are likely to indicate a different item to be aware of. Today the only thing I am going to touch on in regards to motion is specifically motion by tight ends, fullbacks and h-backs, leaving running back and receiver motion for another day. The first thing to keep in mind about motion while watching the matchup against the Broncos is that tight end or fullback motion overwhelmingly indicates that a run play is coming. Obviously, the team will also use tight end motion on play action, but it remains to be seen what kind of run-pass balance the team builds. In any case, if his play calling tendencies hold true to his tendencies in New York and St. Louis Womens Justin Coleman Jersey , tight end or fullback motion will be a big indicator not just of the fact that a run play is coming, but the direction of the play as well. In particular, the running play will typically go to the side of the field where the tight end ends his motion. Here is just one example. This play is actually a great example of both the tendencies discussed in this article. While the offense is in 11 personnel (1 running back and 1 tight end) and lined up with four receiving targets split out wide, the alignment of Rashaad Penny in relation to Wilson still gives away that the defense should key on a run. Then, once Dissly motions, that effectively eliminates half of the field for the defense to defend in terms of the run, as the tight end motion is such a strong indicator of play directionalityObviously it is important to keep in mind that these are tendencies, not absolutes. So, yes, there certainly will be times when either the running back alignment in the shotgun or the tight end motion is not indicative of a play call, but the tendency is sufficiently strong that the overwhelming majority of the time it will be correct. Now we just have to watch and see.JD McKissic is the latest in long line of Seahawks running back injuries since 2015 From 2012 to 2014, the Seattle Seahawks relied on Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin as its 1-2 combination at running back. Neither one of them missed any of Seattle’s 56 combined regular- and post-season games during that golden stretch of Seahawks football.Then the 2015 season began, and it’s been a revolving door at running back due to an almost comical frequency of injuries throughout the depth chart. With JD McKissic now out 4-6 weeks with a foot fracture, I figured now is the time to take a completely unwanted trip down memory lane to see how decimated the Seahawks have been at this position heading into a fourth consecutive season. (Note: I’m not counting fullbacks, which actually would’ve made this list worse)2015—Marshawn Lynch misses two games with a hamstring injury in September-October.—Marshawn Lynch misses final seven regular season games Tom Johnson Jersey , as well as playoff win vs. Minnesota Vikings after sports hernia surgery following November loss to Arizona Cardinals.—Thomas Rawls fractures ankle and tears ligaments vs. Baltimore Ravens in December, missing team’s final five games. This is what spawned the Christine Michael return.Cumulative games missed: 152016—C.J. Prosise injures wrist in regular season opener in September, misses four games.—Thomas Rawls misses seven games after suffering hairline fracture in fibula against the Los Angeles Rams in September.—C.J. Prosise out for remainder of the season (eight games with fractured scapula suffered against Philadelphia Eagles in November.—Troymaine Pope placed on injured reserve after spraining his ankle against Green Bay Packers in December, therefore missing team’s final five games.Cumulative games missed: 242017—Thomas Rawls misses season opener in September vs. Green Bay Packers with ankle sprain suffered in training camp.—C.J. Prosise misses two games in October with “significant ankle injury.” —Chris Carson out for remainder of season (12 games) in October with leg fracture and ankle sprain in win vs. Indianapolis Colts.—Eddie Lacy misses one game in November vs. Arizona Cardinals with groin strain suffered in loss vs. Washington.—C.J. Prosise suffers separate ankle injury in November vs. Arizona Cardinals, placed on injured reserve for final seven games.—Mike Davis misses one game in November vs. San Francisco 49ers due to groin injury sustained in loss to Atlanta Falcons.Cumulative games missed: 242018 (regular season hasn’t even started!!!)—C.J. Prosise misses preseason opener in August due to a hip flexor injury.—Rashaad Penny likely out until regular season opener with broken finger.—JD McKissic out 4-6 weeks with broken foot.It’s been rough. And the Seahawks are going to start 2018 without McKissic for a couple of games.For perspective, these are the running backs (again, fullbacks aren’t counted) who carried the ball for Seattle from 2012-2014:Marshawn LynchRobert Turbin Leon Washington Christine Michael Spencer Ware—-And now here are the Seahawks running backs who’ve gotten a carry since 2015:Marshawn LynchThomas RawlsChristine MichaelMike DavisChris CarsonC.J. ProsiseJ.D. McKissicEddie LacyAlex CollinsFred JacksonBryce BrownDuJuan HarrisTroymaine PopeTerrence MageeC.J. SpillerRod SmithGeorge FarmerThat’s 17 running backs through three seasons! And once Penny makes his debut it’ll increase to 18. Fred Jackson is the most recent Seahawks RB to appear in all 16 regular season games, and he played through a high-ankle sprain on several occasions at 34 years of age. Among the starters, Christine Michael was by far the most durable, but he was cut midway through 2016 and is now with the Indianapolis Colts, where he was seen recently running out of bounds in a scramble drill.Let’s just hope that the preseason injuries Seahawks RBs have endured is as bad as it gets for 2018, or else it’s going to be another rough time for the offense.

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