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 Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Ice Maker 
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Сообщение Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Ice Maker
The type of ice to go with is one of the biggest decisions to make, but even once you’ve figured that out, there are a number of other factors you need to take into account to determine the best ice makers commercial for your needs.
Size and Capacity

Storing ice can take up a lot of space. You need to figure out the right balance between how much space you have available and how much ice you need to be able to store at any given time. Commercial kitchens can get very tight and your staff will still need space to move around, but that doesn’t mean you can sacrifice the need to have as much ice on hand as your patrons require.

If you need a large quantity of ice, you’ll typically need to go with a commercial ice makers for sale and a sizable storage bin. Countertop and undercounter self-contained machines take up less space in your kitchen, but may not produce enough for your needs. Getting the size and capacity right is one of the most important stages of finding the best commercial undercounter ice maker. If you buy a model that’s too small now, you’ll have to replace it again soon anyway, so think carefully about how much ice you’ll really need.

No restaurant or cafeteria has a limitless budget. You do need a commercial countertop ice maker that fits all your needs, but you have to find the one that fits in your price range. A number of factors affect the cost of an commercial undercounter ice makers . Models that make fancier types of ice, such as ice flakers, will cost more than standard models. A higher capacity or production rate will usually come with higher costs, and air-cooled ice machines tend to cost less than water-cooled models.

Beyond looking at the price of the commercial countertop ice makers itself, you need to consider all the other costs that relate to making ice: the water usage, the energy usage, installation costs, storage accessories and water filters, to name a few.

Ср дек 27, 2017 12:22
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