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 over two rows of flaming logs 
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Сообщение over two rows of flaming logs
My perfect trail shoe would be one with a Nike Air Odyssey Womensminimal upper that fits like a glove over the forefoot, a wide toe box, excellent drainage, great grip, a soft ride, 0-4mm heel/forefoot differential, and enough cushioning to run 100 miles.When talking about shoes for an ultra, I think that it’s important to distinguish what distance and what sort of surface the race will be on when picking the right shoe. A shoe that is perfect for a muddy 50k might be terrible for a 100 miler on hard-packed dirt roads. Since I only use shoes with less than a 4-5mm heel/forefoot drop that is all I’ve included in my list.Note: This list is only based on shoes that I have used myself. If there are other shoes you’d recommend in this niche, leave a comment!I’Nike Air Huarache Hombreve known Heather Gannoe since the early days of dailymile.com, and finally got to meet her in person a few weeks ago out in Oregon. Heather Nike Air Max 90 Femme has blogged as long as I have, formerly as Run Faster Mommy!, and now over at Relentless Forward Commotion. She has a knack for keeping it real in her writing (e.g., read this one), and I highly recommend following her if you don’t already. She is also on Facebook and Twitter. In this post she shares her transition from road runner to mud runner. Enjoy!Obstacle course racing and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. I’d love to say that my passion for this sport was a “love at first barbed wire crawl”, but that would be a bold faced lie.During the spring of 2010 I was a somewhat fanatical, amateur, road runner. I had stumbled across the sport of running just about 3 years earlier, as a means Nike Air Max 2017 Femme of weight loss after giving birth to my oldest son. Very quickly the weight loss sessions became viewed as training runs instead, and I progressed from local 5 & 10K races, to running half and full marathons. I had fallen in love with living a healthy, active lifestyle, and even more so, the wonderful endorphin driven runner’s high.Over those next 3 years, after another baby, and countless miles and races under my belt, I decided it was time to get serious: I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. So I did what any amateur runner with big dreams would do: I registered for a couple of marathons and hired a coach. Coach was a great guy, but he certainly meant business. There were weekly training goals to meet, miles to run, and paces to hit, with no excuses allowed (not even babies or college classes, believe me, I tried). Nike Air Vapormax Femme Extracurricular activities, such as small local races signed up for on a whim, were absolutely frowned upon.So needless to say, I didn’t tell Coach about this “Warrior Dash” race I had heard of.While today it seems you cannot sign onto Facebook without seeing another friend post a muddy profile picture; back in 2010, mud runs and obstacle course races were still pretty unheard of. I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled upon the Warrior Dash website, but I was instantly enthralled with the idea of crawling around in the mud and climbing over walls. My inner 6 year old could not resist: I found a race location relatively close to my home at the time, and immediately registered.As the mud run race day approached, I started second guessing my decision. Technically, I wouldn’t be missing any important long runs…as the Warrior Dash Nike Air Max 90 Mens coincided with taper week. That’s right, I had a marathon, one I was hoping to set a big personal best at, the following weekend. The last thing I should have been doing that weekend was racing, never mind a race that required a two page injury waiver. But against my better judgment, and my fear of somehow falling while tackling the obstacle requiring me to jump over two rows of flaming logs, I went to Georgia and ran in the race.warriorI obviously didn’t see that dura-flame log that had rolled out of the fire. In fact, I had no idea what had even happened until weeks later, when the official race photos appeared in my email inbox (look to the right for the evidence). All I knew at the time was that I took off with all of my might to try and avoid the hot flames, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I fell, and I fell Adidas NMD Femme hard. I tried to stand back up and run the last 20 or so yards to the finish line, but every time I put pressure on my left leg, my ankle would completely give out. I hopped my way to the finish line, sat down on the ground, and thought to myself “Coach is gonna KILL me.”The fall caused a second degree tear of my anterior talofibular ligament, resulting in a week on crutches, a couple of weeks in an air cast, and about six weeks without any running. Needless to say, I not only missed the marathon I had trained so hard for, but also missed another one I had registered for at the end of the summer. I was upset, Coach was disappointed (which as any parent can assure you, is code word for angry),Nike Air Max 95 Femme and I fell into an “it really sucks to not be able to run” depression over the next few weeks.

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