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 to send me one of their Smarter 
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There are some running products that warrant a long review (e.g., shoes, electronics), and there are others that can be adequately critiqued in just a few paragraphs (most apparel, nutrition products, etc.). Over the past several months Nate and I have received a number of products to try out that fit into the latter category. Rather than post a bunch of really short reviews, we figured it would be more efficient to do a mini-review roundup of products we’ve tried and liked. Here goes!One of the hardest things about running Ultramarathons is chafing. On my first 100 I started chafing at mile 9. It was the single hardest thing to deal with for the remaining 91 miles. Like most runners, I have used Bodyglide for years. I have also used Toms Nike Air Max 2017 Womens Blister Shield, Vasoline, Bagbalm and other products, but have still suffered with chafing. I get it under my armpits and in my crotch (sorry..) where the seams of my legs meet my man-bits. Its not fun…unless you like the idea of feeling like somebody attacked you with a cheese grater while trying to run for hours and hours. Run Guard is made by the company that makes nip-guards, which are special “bandaids” for your nipples. The anti-chafe stick comes in two types, original and sensitive. I absolutely love the sensitive type. I have had zero problems while using it. It stays on longer than Bodyglide and has a nice smooth feel that doesn’t get sticky. It is now a permanent fixture in my run kit. Give it a try!If you’re a runner and use Twitter, chances Nike Air Max 90 Femme are you see lots of posts from Energy Bits and EB users. Energy bits are Nike Air Max 90 Mujer little pill-like tabs of Spirulina algae, a great source of protein. As with many supplements, there are users who swear that they are the second coming of the Messiah. I received a free trial of about 50 “bits” and used them on a long run. Feeling like I actually got a bit of a boost from them, I bought a full bag with a discount that was extended by them. I have used them several times and honestly can’t tell any difference when I use them. There is no doubt in my mind that they are a healthy way to get plant based protein, I just don’t seem to feel any benefit from using them and can’t justify the relatively steep price. Others swear by them. Ask them for a free trial and make your own conclusions. Whether they work, or produce a placebo effect really www.lavolailles.fr doesn’t matter if you feel that they make you faster and stronger. That’s a Nike Air Odyssey Hombre good enough reason to use them for most. There was a time before I became a runner that I almost exclusively wore cotton T-shirts. However, it doesn’t take long for a new runner to realize that cotton shirts are just a really bad idea. They get soaked, and stay soaked when you run. They chafe. Bloody nipples may result.I’ve since amassed an enormous collection of tech fabric shirts, most obtained at races or Target (yes, Target is my main source of running apparel!). I’m a big fan of tech fabric, but my cats are not. They love lying on fresh laundry, and when they do that cat paw thing that cats do to get comfy, my tech shirts start sprouting strings and develop runs that can’t be fixed. Velcro is also not fond of tech shirts. I could just put my laundry www.neonray.co.uk away quickly, but as my wife will attest that’s not really a likely course of Nike Air Max 2017 Womens action.Needless to say, I’m open to trying out shirts less susceptible to feline and velcro damage. Sport Science offered to send me one of their Smarter Basics shirts and I’ve now worn it out on several runs. The shirt is a blend of polyester and cotton, so it looks more like a typical cotton T-shirt than typical tech fabric shirts do. I like the shirt because I can wear it casually without looking like I’m about to head over to the track (which, on a given day, might actually be the case).It’s comfortable, has a generous fit, and is a bit warmer than a typical tech shirt. On the negative side, it does retain water more than a tech shirt, but not nearly as bad as a cotton T-shirt. Think of it as a hybrid between the two. For me it’s a shirt that works Adidas ZX 750 Mens well in cooler weather, probably not one I’d take out on a run in the heat of summer.

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