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 Trainer Bartos in Henesys Pet Park 
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"MapleStory," the long-running free-to-play MMO started to North America in 2005 MS2 Mesos , will finally introduce the protagonist that has played a key part in its own storyline for over a decade, Nexon announced.The Black Mage arrives together with the release of a new update currently out in North America.

Participants who are level 200 or higher and who have finished their fifth job progress -- a profession degree that has been improved in this update for each course -- will be able to get two new zones within"MapleStory's" Tenebris area: the Labyrinth of Suffering and the final Tenebris area named Limina. Once the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination to power the Spark of Determination, the Dark Mage Boss Battle will arise.

But it'll be tricky to harm him and he won't be killed in a single fight. In Big Boss form, the Dark Mage's wellness points are in fact shared across all players and servers and will require players around all servers to hack away. It's just once his health is reduced enough he'll adopt an alternate form where he could sew new abilities. The last stage in this story is likely to arrive next year.

In addition, the upgrade adds new defense assignments into the match. The first, Flame Bird Support sees players summon a fire bird to defeat monsters. Twilight Defense, a brand new multi-character mission, features 2-4 characters join forces against enemies with cannons from beneath castle walls. Finally, in Battle at Sea players need to defeat enemies on boats within the time limitation.

This update comes not long after the launch of MapleStory 2 to PC internationally on Oct. 10. The sequel to the popular 2D Nexon role-playing game unites the most colorful"MapleStory" world with a"Minecraft"-such as 3D block universe that has a lot of methods to create and customize characters.

Giveaways are way better than competitions: Redeem your key for a MapleStory Pet Training Master Pet Pack!The folks over at MapleStory really seem to have taken a liking to us. They hooked us up with some candy packs for early accessibility for MS2, then a few superior packs for the identical game. And now they are making sure Dtoid readers get all the best equipment from the original MapleStory! We have 300 keys for a Pet Training Master Pet Pack to give away. Come take one!

Last week, MapleStory launched the highly anticipated Dark Mage story campaign material. Take on his top commander, Verus Hilla, since you complete the Journey of Destiny to clear the final place in Tenebris all leading up to some server-wide showdown with the Black Mage himself.

However, you would like to hear free things, don't you? Well, to observe this huge event, Nexon is giving away Pet Training Master Pet Packs. Feed your pet to improve your connection and unlock specific commands. This little pet has some abilities! As you research Maple World, it will assist you by picking up items and mesos that you find.You can dress up, and your furry friend may also! Equip this item in your Mini Yeti furry friend, and it'll seem like Prince Pepe is staying close and riding along.

Use this thing to give your Mini Yeti pet a special Buy Maplestory2 Mesos title of its own! Telephone its name before making an arrangement, and your furry friend will respond much better to your command. Once a pet is called, the name is permanent.One pet is nice, but soon you will want to give it a friend. When you have more than 1 pet, they can be hard to control! Use the Pet Snack to learn how to handle multiple pets simultaneously. This product is needed to complete the Trainer's Control pursuit by Trainer Bartos in Henesys Pet Park.Teach this ability to your pet, and it'll be able to automatically cure you utilizing HP potions when you are hurting.

Teach this ability for your furry friend, and it'll have the ability to move mechanically to pick more items and mesos around you.Teach this ability to your pet, and it will have the ability to utilize one selected buff skill on you automatically.Please note that this content is only available in non-Reboot worlds.To get a secret, all you have to do is utilize the widget under. We have 300 keys to give out, and once they're gone -- they're gone!

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