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 started running seriously five years 
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Сообщение started running seriously five years
The upper of the RC5000 is Nike Air Max 97 Femme really nice – it’s extremely thin and the internal surface is quite soft. The cuff around the ankle collar is lined by a very soft synthetic material, with just a bit of cushion behind the Achilles. The interior is where this shoe really trumps the Mizuno Universe. The Universe is lined by a somewhat rough mesh, and the ankle collar is made of a plasticky material that gives me blisters behind my Achilles if I run in them without socks. The RC5000 feels much Nike Air Max 90 Essential Femme better on a sockless foot.I took the RC5000 out for a first run today – did 7.25 miles in them on roads, and did my best to mix up speeds a bit. If my first run is a good indicator of what future runs in this shoe will be like, I’m going to absolutely love this shoe. The sole has just the right of softness for my taste – comparable to a Saucony Kinvara if you shave the midsole height of that shoe down a bit. The Mizuno Universe is a firmer shoe, and is not as good a match for my legs on asphalt.My concerns about the narrowness through the midfoot seemed unwarranted on the run. I didn’t have any problems running in the shoes, and they accommodate my form very well. I did go sockless, and was very pleased that I didn’t feel the slightest discomfort. Not even a hotspot!
I can honestly say that the RC5000 is a very impressive shoe. I have Nike Air Max 90 Mujer admittedly only put in one run in them so far, but they handled 7+ sockless miles with ease, and I’m confident enough in them that I’ll probably take them out on my next long run. I’m going to end this “first run” review here, and will update as Adidas Campus Womens needed if my thoughts change after additional runs.Below are an excellent series of videos shot with a high-speed video camera by PT Jeff Moreno from Precision Physical Therapy and Fitness in Santa Cruz, CA.While you watch the videos, which Jeff originally posted on his clinic’s blog, keep an eye on the landing position of the foot relative to the knee at initial ground contact – it almost always lands right under the knee in each runner. Elites like these have long strides to attain the speeds that they do, but stride length comes via hip extension on the back side, and not via reaching with Nike Air Max 90 Womens the foot out front. This is one of the biggest differences that I consistently see when comparing runners like these to recreational runners in heavily cushioned shoes (like many runners in this video).When I started running seriously five years Nike Air Max 270 Femme ago, I went to a specialty running store and got fitted for shoes by having the [salespeople] watch me run across the store 10 feet. They said, “You’re a mild pronator – you should probably have some stability in your shoes.” I didn’t think anything about it at the time. I wore some variant of a stability shoe for about two years, and then I read Born to Run. That kind of got me wondering if there is really a lot of science behind this whole business. And I bought a pair of Nike Frees. That was kind of my first exploration with less shoe. I ran in them, and I was just amazed by how much lighter Nike Air Max Axis Damen and more flexible they were.The fact that I was able to run in them, even though I was told I needed a stability shoe, led to one thing after another and I came to find that there really isn’t a whole lot of good science supporting the whole Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Femme paradigm that we should fit people based on how much they pronate. [Then] you get to talking to people like Jay Dicharry (who runs the SPEED Lab at the University of Virginia) and you find that arch height is pretty meaningless when it comes to fitting shoes because what the arch does when you run is very different than what it does when you stand.

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