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 hear her 
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n��t :yahoo: hear her? Today is really not a general class, sending a girl like this, Is it appropriate? This time I have been seriously repairing my nails for a long time. She likes beautiful things most. Nothing can be left without anything beautiful. I looked at my face in the mirror for a long time because of this. Will the face be so sentimental, she envied the girls who had been working for a while and sent ice cream. I want to guard my goddess Cigarettes Online, that is what the boys are saying when sending ice cream to the water. Tell me not to I care about the feelings of others, I don��t know if she still remembers. What is the relationship? Anyway, this body is not mine tomorrow. She has already woken up. At that time, she said that she would protect her wishes and let her She left the world to take a good sleep. For her, I may be just a superfluous personality now. I am adapting to everyone if I split my personality without changing myself. This is my agreement with her at the time, then I Is it immediately going to become a redundant personality to be disposed of? Just like a dilapidated doll will be thrown away or hidden in the snow, but I should not be a doll. I am not Occasionally, I have known this for a long time. After all, no one will treat me as an adult. People can be quietly stayed on one side and ignored Parliament Cigarettes. When a person moves, they have the hand to support it. The doll has the guidance to guide it. Leading, I am not a doll after all, no one will treat me as an adult, I started to cut my nails. It turns out that she doesn��t like long nails. The fake nails that I just made are also lost. Why did you want to do it before? Every day in the middle of the night, I got up and toss my nails. I really can't understand you. She went to take the skirt that I secretly sold to her. Looking in the mirror, I saw the appearance of wearing this dress for the first time. After all, if this skirt is worn, When I go out, I will be treated as a transvestite. When she was smug, she was ordered to go to sleep. I was still very ugly in wearing this dress. At least it did not meet the aesthetics of most modern people. Take it out from under the bed. Selling lipstick eyebrow pencil, it is black, Mom and Dad know that it will be asked for a long time. It must be ugly to use such things. We always like a dress that looks like a dead person, but nail polish is purple Newport Cigarettes. Color, looks like blood that has been put for a long time Marlboro Lights, um, satisfied Online Cigarettes, and add some fake flowers. We didn't wear shoes. After all, it was too expensive. I watched the shoes and then she looked outside the glass without turning on the lights. There was only the opposite person. We are a commercial house. It was built at the beginning. When Mom and Dad sold the old house, we thought it was a slum on TV from the beginning. When everyone finally considered his nature and noticed this, no one would believe that the child had felt this before. Even if the house climbs to the top of the building, you won't see any good scenery, so it's good. After she opened the door, she jumped from the balcony. The fire station was next to the community. This was one of the reasons why my father and mother were excited. I don��t know if they still remember. On the twenty-sixth floor, she really wants to die, and free me with me. I can't feel the feelings. She said that I can't have feelings, because if I don't want to be me anymore, please kill me. This is our agreement, colorless agreement. She said so at the time, but I am not a doll. Why should we follow her orders, and it is still a vague order. Before I landed, I tried to adjust my posture and try to make it more violent
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