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 decide to start running 
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Сообщение decide to start running
The thing to keep in mind in the above graph is that the exact shape and height of the Nike Air Max 95 Femme curve will likely vary from person to person (some people are simply more injury prone than others, some can tolerate Nike Air Max 90 Donne hard workouts better than others), from time to time within a single individual (e.g., with degree of overall fatigue), on different running surfaces (dirt vs. asphalt vs. concrete), and even in different pairs of shoes. As an example of the latter, when a person used to wearing cushioned, heel lifted shoes goes for their first run in a pair of Vibram Fivefingers (see picture above), which lack a heel lift and are minimally cushioned, the entire injury threshold curve probably shifts downward (see green line in graph below). Thus, in beginning Vibram runners, even low intensity runs should not be done frequently at the start, and high intensity runs can cause problems immediately (i.e., you don’t want your first Nike Internationalist Mujer Vibram run to be an all out 5K race).After the first Vibram run is complete, I suspect that muscular soreness in Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer places like the calves will lower the injury threshold even further prior to the next run, and this is why running too much too soon (TMTS) is a deadly combination when adapting to a shoe like the Fivefingers. Adapting to Fivefingers requires a very low intensity initial approach with lots of rest – to do otherwise dramatically increases your likelihood of injury. The metatarsals and the muscles of the feet and legs need time to adapt to the new forces that they are experiencing when running in Vibrams, and metatarsal stress fractures are a seemingly common occurrence among new Vibram runners who do not heed advice about transitioning gradually. The positive is that as the adaptation process proceeds, the green line Nike Air Max 95 Damen will ideally start to rise back upward, and along with it the risk of injury will decline.I’ll finish off this Nike Air Max 90 Femme section with a second quote from the paper that was the source of the opening quote – it sums up very well the points that I have tried to make so far:“It is logical to assume that the musculoskeletal system of runners could recover and repair itself rapidly enough from relatively low levels of impact forces, but some threshold level of impact force, repeated for some threshold level of repetitions would result in injury. It is also likely that a runner who has maintained a training program in which these threshold levels have not been exceeded would have the various related structures remodeled in such a manner as to become more resistant to injury.Two things are critical to helping a runner minimize the risk of suffering Adidas Superstar Femme a repetitive overuse injury, and the first is rest. If you begin exposing a bone in the body to a new form Nike Air Max 90 Femme of stress, such as greater impact on the metatarsal heads or bending torques on the metatarsal shafts when you decide to www.philshotton.co.uk start running barefoot or in a minimalist shoe (particularly if you adopt a forefoot strike, and even moreso if you try to run up on your toes and not let the heel come down after initial contact on the forefoot is made), you need to allow the bones time to remodel to better withstand those new stresses. My suspicion is that failure to do so is the major cause of metatarsal stress fractures in new barefoot and minimalist runners. Among newer minimalist runners, TMTS is the first thing I and other minimalist runners suspect as the causative agent among people who develop these types of injuries. People get overly exuberant about trying a new thing, buy a pair of Vibram Fivefingers or other minimalist shoe and Nike Air Max 95 Mens run every day for a week in them, and rapidly start to break down. It’s a recipe for disaster. If, however, you start Nike Air Max 90 Dam out slow, do short runs once a week or so in the new style, and allow plenty of rest, you provide a dose of the new stress that the body can manage. Then, following Wolff’s Law, the bones in the foot are able to remodel to better withstand those stresses on future runs. The muscles and ligaments also likely strengthen, helping in the support process, and further minimizing fracture risk. Rest is critical to this process, and following this approach I have thankfully been able to avoid any serious injury as I have extended the distance of my Vibram runs (I have now run as long as 15 miles in my Vibram Bikilas on a single run).

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