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 How about an ergonomic chair? 
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Сообщение How about an ergonomic chair?
<p>When it comes to computer swivel chair how good it is a real understanding of it, here we come together to see what kind of computer chair material,computer swivel new products recommended. What kind of material is good, what we call a computer swivel chair is not unified refers to the kind of swivel chair at work, but generally we are the most common is the work chair, staff chairs, etc. Ma Rong chair. In fact, a few years ago when the general office chair and conference chair what more of the time using the mesh chair, this type of computer swivel chair has a strong air permeability, compared to the more suitable for a long time sit. </p>

<p>Now the staff chairs are generally used in this mesh chair. There is the general boss and other management class used by the leather chair. The latest out there is a computer desk and chair is a surface of the chair to take anti-static treatment of an anti-static computer swivel chair. Materials are also varied, and now we are talking about this computer chair material of the bar. Previously the most common is the ordinary plastic feet, but now has basically been a full phase out, up to still have some small chairs still use this material. Now the most commonly used computer swivel chair and extensive use is the ocher red nylon clinker feet, the quality of this material is very secure, because this material is plastic can be recycled, so relatively speaking, this Material is very environmentally friendly. </p>

<p>There is a steel foot is the use of computer swivel chair. However, if this is easy to rust, where the welding is also easy to split. There is a hungry wooden frame and an aluminum alloy feet. We sit in the chair every day accounted for more than a third of the time, sedentary will back pain, with sub-health state, even a serious chair will be very important to human health, when the ergonomic chair Was born. Today we look at how the next ergonomic chair, ergonomic chair new products recommended. Ergonomic chair ergonomic chair with mesh (composition: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), environmental protection cloth + high-quality memory foam and other environmentally friendly materials, the production of cushion and chair furniture </a> new trend of development. Has a good ventilation cooling characteristics, comfort and health, to prevent the use of chairs in the process of producing bacteria growth environment.</p>

<p> And to reduce the back of the oppression of the hip area, press the force at the acupuncture points to promote blood circulation back hip, neck and shoulder to avoid strain, ergonomic chair design focus on human health-based, it is for this reason, The ergonomic chair is different from the traditional chair of the direction of development. Based on the physiological characteristics of human, based on the data of human fatigue test, the ergonomic chair's final ideal curve shape was finally determined by the complicated data test. The ergonomic chair is generous, unique, fashionable and lightweight. It is a new kind of environmental health chair widely used in modern family, entertainment, Internet bar, hotel, leisure, conference room and office computer desk. Design principles Release the natural, human nature regulation, suitable for a variety of body conditioning; material on the main use of environmentally friendly materials.</p>

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