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 Outdoor furniture design people-oriented 
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Сообщение Outdoor furniture design people-oriented
<p>With the continuous extension of modern living space, outdoor furniture development space also will grow. The current trend of outdoor furniture and design, <p>sling aluminum garden folding chair set</p> designers pay attention to color, configuration, material and function, but also pay more attention to the core of outdoor furniture design and soul - people-oriented. What is the "people-oriented" outdoor furniture design? Is to consumer demand as the driving force, the public leisure and LOHAS combination of relaxation, for people to feel and return to nature for the purpose of providing more outdoor furniture products.</p>

<p> Outdoor furniture placed in the vast outdoor space, without too much restraint and obstacles. Therefore, the design of outdoor furniture, there is no specific style of the details of the rules, which give outdoor furniture designers more creative imagination and inspiration, <p>protable outdoor canvas folding chair </p> and all "people-oriented" nature is the outdoor furniture designers advocated by the core. Outdoor furniture design more emphasis on people's inner feelings, streamline, arc, leaves and flowers and other modeling theme as a large number of applications, giving people the feeling of close to nature, giving the outdoor furniture a poetic beauty and temptation.</p>

<p> Outdoor furniture design principles to meet the human body curves and their own material properties for the two benchmarks, the overall shape of the flu fluency and rhythm,
<p>best indoor clothes drying rack </p> so that the body and the soul can be a perfect fit, get the best sense of belonging. Designers to a certain standard parameters, will also continue to improve with the development of science and technology innovation, and thus affect the performance of outdoor furniture and size, aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of the combination. </p>

<p>Beautiful colors, lightweight materials, simple shape, these three in the outdoor furniture which occupies the absolute mainstream status, because it can more directly reflect the "people-oriented" outdoor furniture design. In addition, there are some special types of outdoor furniture design, they are self-contained, the use of a unique aesthetic principles, so that the system of outdoor furniture in the modeling style, the main color,
<p>mainstays beach chair </p> form and other aspects of unity, and the formation of a unique style. In addition to the above-mentioned three principles of the mainstream design, had to mention another wave of quiet revival of design, which is the traditional materials to create outdoor furniture design - thanks to modern science and technology to promote outdoor furniture processing technology development,.</p>

Вт дек 20, 2016 11:41
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