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 Road filling machine development trend: energy saving and en 
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Сообщение Road filling machine development trend: energy saving and en
<p>According to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport will continue to expand the scope of the road construction market, coupled with recent years, with the continuous expansion of infrastructure and innovation, road pressure has now become the top priority to be considered, Machinery on a large scale embarked on the mainstream of the equipment manufacturing industry, to bring a symbolic solution to road pressure in the recent new urbanization vigorously promote the status quo, the demand for engineering filling sewing machine industry will surge. However,how to seal and protect your driveway with the increase in the number of construction machinery products and construction projects to increase the difficulty of the future market competitiveness of construction machinery is also constantly strengthened. Therefore, in a strong market challenges, to meet the current construction conditions and efficient construction machinery in order to obtain market recognition. That irrigation machine sewing machine in the future direction of the development of the road will gradually clear.</p>
<p>Energy saving and environmental protection</p>
<p>Nowadays, environmental problems have become increasingly serious. At the same time, China's construction machinery and equipment industry a greater proportion of pollution. And China is the world's largest construction site, therefore, irrigation machine sewing machine emissions have become a great burden. In the country to strengthen the implementation of environmental protection today, environmental-friendly irrigation machine into the needs of the machine. And environmental pollution in China has reached a certain level, environmental governance is not only in the moment,studies raise questions about pavement sealers in the future is also the most important, functional and stable performance is the municipal, highway maintenance center road crack treatment ideal equipment.</p>
<P>China's energy-saving environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face an important opportunity. From the series of new products launched in recent years, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important direction of strategic development of construction machinery enterprises. Whether to reduce the environmental burden, or to break the barriers to foreign trade and other considerations, energy saving and environmental protection will become the mainstream of the development trend of filling machine.</p>
<p>Intelligent and efficient</p>
<p>In the engineering machinery industry, the use of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only guarantee the stability of product quality, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions and labor intensity, but also to speed up the upgrading of enterprises, from the product homogeneity Of competition, enhance product brand value. China's mechanical change from big to strong, it is from the traditional mechanization to digital and automated changes. In the production of intelligent and intelligent production of the road, filling the machine in the face of the international competition in the domestic market competition and the brutal new technology,mini backhoe loader new technology challenges in the survival and development must be resolved to speed up the market, the best quality, The lowest cost, the best service, to achieve the purpose of intelligence, therefore, engineering machinery intelligent irrigation machine on the road, there must be a continuous exploration and innovation process, filling machine mechanical intelligence trend gradually form.</p>

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