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 China 's smart construction machinery market to be Kai 
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Сообщение China 's smart construction machinery market to be Kai
<p>Weifang June 30 hearing on June 30, the reporter learned from the Weifang City Road Maintenance Management Office, Weifang city for the first time introduced its own (traction) type slot grooving machine, within 25 minutes to slot Of the road repair complete,evaluation of crafco crack sealants on asphalt pavements speed and quality of road repair have been substantially improved.</p>
<p>According to reports, on its own (traction) slot grooving machine is the more advanced road repair tool, the host intelligent temperature control system with automatic digital control heating, can be 50 degrees Celsius -300 degrees Celsius within the selected Temperature, not only can improve thermal efficiency, but also to ensure that does not produce any leakage of gas. The device can melt 400 kg of liquid at one time, can be sealed 1200 m long cracks. Each hand-push-type irrigation machine to 10 m / min average rate of filling joints,best concrete crack repair products filling sealing compound after 25 minutes to solidification, basically does not affect the normal road traffic.</p>
<p>The device operation, one push the push slot machine along the road crack first out of a one-centimeter wide micro-groove; one person and then carry a high-pressure blower blowing to the tank and around the asphalt debris; the other two Manpower to push two filling machine followed by follow-up, along a good uniform groove forward grouting.
Road maintenance management office staff, the past road repair, often smoked Hualian manual operations, not only have some pollution of the environment,road milling cutters price but also affect the passage. Slot grouting machine on the introduction of the road, a comprehensive manual to overcome the shortcomings. Up to now, the road filling machine has been completed Dongfeng East Street, North Palace Street and other sections of the road "suture", the cumulative irrigation seam length of 21,000 meters.</p>

Пн дек 26, 2016 9:08
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