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 Configuration and characteristics of intelligent asphalt spr 
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Сообщение Configuration and characteristics of intelligent asphalt spr
<p>January 2, in Gulang County, Gansu Province, Gulang County in the 308 National Road, from the DOAN fiber synchronous gravel seal car is under construction,Small road handling machinery
it is learned that this is the first time closure of fiber sealing technology in Gansu Province, the day, Wuwei City Highway section of the total length of the line and his party carried out a field trip.</p>

<P>In 2009, the Gansu Provincial Department of Transportation held a live meeting in Wuwei, Yang Yongzhong, director of the formal scientific conservation, requiring highway maintenance and the development of national highway maintenance synchronization, the real access to scientific conservation stage. Gansu Province, the original road maintenance system, in practice for many years on the basis of the real from 2009 into the scientific conservation. At the same time, a large number of advanced conservation technology and construction techniques such as slurry seal, micro-surface, etc. have to the influx of the Northwest region and even Wuwei region. ZHAO said, "Wuwei total segment during this period to actively do some attempts, such as emulsified asphalt, especially SBS modified emulsified asphalt,Medium sized road construction machinery
in the province or even the country are the first application." Speaking of fiber sealing process, Zhao Li explained that "in March this year, when the total segment to the lofty saints were field trips, participated in the Sixth National Road Maintenance Technology Symposium and on-site process to observe the fiber crushed rock seal on the field of understanding , Taking into account the prevalence of cracks in the secondary highway in Gansu, cracking phenomenon, in the previous crushed stone seal on the basis of, if can be used with fiber technology, should be able to better treatment of road diseases, especially preventive maintenance. Therefore, we actively contact with the DA, decided to Gulang County in the 308 National Road on the test section of 2 km test from the current construction point of view,Anti rain series driveway sealer
compared with the original road, plus fiber technology due to its inherent reinforcement Role, whether in dealing with cracks or cracks, etc., should have a better role.</P>

<p>Speaking of the application prospects of the process in Gansu, ZHAO said, "After two days of provincial bureau leaders will make a special trip to this field trip, which means that the provincial bureau on the Advanced technology and good technology is essential, "ZHAO continued," From the appearance of view, the surface formation, the gap is evenly distributed, no loose, the surface is very smooth, No scratches, process control is better, to achieve the desired results.I think in the next few years will be fully promoted and applied.Practical needs and I uphold the concept of scientific conservation, making this new technology in the province And the first to be applied in my paragraph, I believe that will achieve satisfactory results.
When talking about cooperation with DA,top rated driveway sealant purchase
ZHAO said that this is a win - win choice. "In the future, DA will continue to improve and innovate in technology, and the application space will be very large. Our cooperation with DA is only the beginning.</p>

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