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hardwood furniture materials
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Автор:  fengqingxue [ Чт июн 07, 2018 15:23 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  hardwood furniture materials

and a kind of wood that was used by the locals as high-quality wood (which is not strange, is it not that wood is also used as firewood)? It resembles the most precious red sandalwood produced in Laos, but the degree of exquisiteness is still there,
but there is no wood grain on the surface; the other is used by some people as hardwood furniture materials, wood color and wood grain and Anda. Mango sandalwood and cystic rosewood are the same, but also have a faint scent. It is estimated that the air-dry density is similar to that of Hedgehog rosewood.
In Mr. Dae Ye’s view, if these materials are purchased at a relatively cheap price and used to make standard antique furniture, they can still be regarded as mahogany furniture. In today's Chinese rosewood furniture, there are still many genuine treasure worth buying.
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