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 Buy New Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out on Cadysneakers 
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Сообщение Buy New Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out on Cadysneakers
Jordans 2019 Shoes has been using bold ideas in the design of sneakers. From the sneaker deconstruction design of the OFF-WHITE co-branded series to the barb design of Travis Scott's joint name, every new design concept has achieved great success. The new Air Max 1 features a bolder design with the theme of “Inside Out”, which flips over the entire shoe. The original design that is not visible inside the shoe body is all overturned and fully exposed. The overall body of the shoe is covered with various stitching and splicing design of various materials. It is more thorough than the deconstructed design that once appeared, and has an industrial style. It has to sigh the boldness of the designer. At present, the two color combinations are all designed with the same color system. The more color combinations do not appear to be chaotic, and the clever color contrast design makes the appearance more eye-catching.

Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out iconic Swoosh is also the first time to show you the inside, compared to the smooth surface of the past, this design is more textured. The biggest highlight is the part of the tongue, except for the exposed lines. The most attractive thing is the displayed shoes. The flipping design makes the original in-house shoe mark directly visible, in addition to the appearance of bright eyes, at the same time saves the need to look at the shoe tag when you need to open the look. The sole uses the classic Air Max air cushion technology to ensure that the shoes have a bright and novel look while the feet feel perfect. The overall use of mesh and suede material, although the appearance looks rough but the texture is guaranteed.

2019 Sneakers Release,Just after May a number of new color matching Yeezy series have been released, and the frequency of sale is much denser than last year. Just last month, I sold a pair of light-colored Yeezy 700 “Analog”, which won the love of many shoe fans with a very unique temperament. Recently, a new color matching Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Tephra release information was released. This pair of shoes has a similar color to the previously sold crystal hole Yeezy Boost 700 V2 "Geode". The upper is made of deep brown and light brown leather. With mesh and 3M reflective strips, the body is very layered. The gray-black midsole gives the Yeezy 700 series a more elegant profile. The raw rubber color is outlined, and the overall temperament is more eye-catching than the crystal color matching.

Вс май 12, 2019 5:56

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Пн июн 14, 2021 3:30
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